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O.S.B. Ali Osman Sönmez Blv. 2.Sk. No:8 Nilüfer/Bursa

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    Our Promise

    We are a team of experts and strong people who believe in each other. We will continue to work with all our strength to stay as a reliable solution partner that supports our valuable customers.

    About Us
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    Knowing Business

    We are a team of experts in the metal industry, where we have been experienced for many years. In order to remain a specialist in Metal Industry, we have always aimed to improve our knowledge and ourselves.

    About Us
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    Customer Focus

    Our customers needs come first of all for us. We owe the best service to our customers within the framework of ethical values.

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    Our Priority Occupational Safety

    We take the occupational health and safety as our first priority in all our workshops and all process stages. In this context, we provide working conditions in accordance with legal regulations in order to eliminate the risks related to occupational health and safety for our employees. Pressed and spot welded production of metal parts of the automotive industry, we pay attention to the continuity of these principles

    About Us

Our customers needs come first of all for us...

Press Workshop


Spot Welding Workshop

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  • Expert, Powerful, Innovative...

    We aim to be one of the leading industrial enterprises by increasing its production, technology and experienced employees.
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Systematic Approach
    • Efficient Metal Industry
    • More Clean Environment

    Metal Industry

  • Fast and Quality Production

    We meet the expectations of our customers in the best way with our systematic and business discipline approach.
    • Solution Oriented
    • Mass Production
    • Quality Team
    • Quality Production

    Our Services


Spot-Welding Press

We show high performance in engineering and manufacturing in order to understand the demands of our customers correctly and produce solutions that meet our expectations.

Realizing that it is not enough to achieve the best and reach it, we create collaborative and sharing business relationships with our business partners, customers and employees to ensure the best of the whole.

About Us

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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Ali Osman Sönmez Blv. 2.Sk No:8
Nilüfer / Bursa / TURKEY

Tel: +90 224 243 13 74 - 75
Gsm: +90 532 130 88 65
Fax: +90 224 243 13 78

Our Principles

  • Our Policy
    We work and produce with great care from the process design stage to delivery.
  • Our Values
    We act with respect for human health and our environment first of all.

About Us

MCY Metal Ltd. Şti. which is active in the field of sheet metal parts production. It gives an action with total area of 5.000 m², 3 shifts, 110 employees and industry experience.

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